A Rewarding Investment

Financial returns

Investment returns are seen in two ways

1. Dividends
Over the investment term dividends are paid through commercial 'thinning'. We will extract some of the weaker trees to allow the effective development of the better quality trees. Not only does this pay dividends throughout the term, but is important to the overall performance as it can increase the final return at harvest by anywhere between 1-3%.

2. Harvest
This is where we commercially extract the trees and sell on the lumber.

Unit Size Trees planted Cost per tree Total Harvest period
2 acre 2,400 3.44 8,256 8 years
5 acre 6,000 3.44 20,640 8 years
10 acre 12,000 3.44 41,280 8 years
Unit Size Trees planted Investment Average value Gross Return
2 acre 2,400 8,256 9 21,600
5 acre 6,000 20,640 9 54,000
10 acre 12,000 41,280 9 108,000

Based on Current Forestry Projects

Not just a financially rewarding investment...
Trees are natural living things; you can walk amongst them and watch them grow. You can smell and breathe the clean air and enjoy the peace of the forest. We believe that growing trees is good for the planet and more fulfilling than some other traditional investments.