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Forestry Investment News
The largest producer of pulpwood in Brazil, and indeed in the world, has signed a deal to export its products to the US through the Port of Philadelphia. [more]
Brazil’s agricultural sector, which has been labelled one of the main drivers of tree clearances in the rainforest, is poised for a record-breaking harvest. [more]
Efforts to stop illegal gold mining in the Brazilian Amazon have started. [more]
Brazil is planning to invest $3 billion in building airports designed to carry freight without depending on poor roads through the rainforest and using shipments along the Amazon river. [more]
Brazil’s industrial production rose by nearly four per cent in 2013, with wood sales showing one of the biggest gains, according to one new report. But there are mixed messages about the country's economic progress. [more]
Brazilian exports of timber products showed an overall increase at the end of last year, according to the latest figures from the International Tropical Timber Organisation (ITTO). [more]
A ban on the export of soybeans grown in areas of the Brazilian Amazon freshly cleared for the purpose has been extended for one more year. [more]
A major conference will be held in Brazil in April to discuss how to combine conservation with economic growth and obtaining best value from forestry resources. [more]
Brazil is aiming to increase its lead as the world’s biggest soybean exporter with a number of new developments in order to create a shortcut through the Amazon rainforest. By doing so, it hopes to get its products to market more quickly. [more]
There are fears that the jaguar could soon become extinct in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest, signalling fresh threats for the long-term survival of the tropical forest itself. [more]
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