Frequently Asked Questions

About us and about forestry investment

Q) Who are Greenwood?

Greenwood is a timber asset and forestry investment company; we specialize in the acquisition and retention of forestry land for investment purposes.

Q) What returns have been achieved already?

Historically, returns from managed timberland have shown returns of between 12%-16% per annum. More about forestry returns.

Q) What is it I am actually investing in?

You are investing in a leasehold of a forestry unit, this entitles you to the full economic rights to all fallen or standing timber as set out within the plantation boundaries (options are also available on some sites regarding land purchase).

Q) Can I Exit Early?

Yes. If you want to exit early, all forestry investment titles are transferable.

Q) How will I see my forestry returns?

Our management teams look to achieve the best possible price for all standing timber, at this time you will be instructed to allow the harvesting of your forestry unit/s and the revenue from this will be redirected back to you through our lawyers. More on exit strategy.

Q) What about forest fires?

Although forest fires represent a small risk*, we will restock all assets held that have been destroyed by fire, pest, disease, and natural causes.

*(USDA figures show 0.5% of all forestry is destroyed by natural causes including fire, pests, disease etc. figures regarding managed forestry indicate a 0.3% loss)

More on forestry risks.