Greenwood Management ApS is a Danish registered company. CVR number 31629373


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See real growth from your Forestry investments

In 2008, Greenwood Management ApS was unique in offering smaller investors in Europe the chance to invest in timber using the forestry unit model. Similar alternative investment models have since been developed with great success in countries such as New Zealand.

By using this ’direct ownership’ model to buy trees – as opposed to forestry fund shares or shares in a timber product company – our clients can enjoy some unique benefits. Not least the ability to create a diversified portfolio without the capital requirements investors will need to achieve the economies of scale important in a large forestry project.

This website offers information for anyone keen to invest in lumber, as well as some information about the basic structure of Greenwood Management ApS. Individual project information, including an insight into how to invest in eucalyptus, can be found on several separate sites dedicated to the projects, all of which offer 24-hour access to investors.



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