Invest in Forestry...

Enjoy a multitude of benefits by using the ’direct ownership’ model – as opposed to forestry fund shares or shares in a timber product company.

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The Forestry Unit Model...

Our unit model has been especially created to allow investors with as little as €10,000 to directly invest into forestry.

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A fantastic opportunity..

The ability to directly invest in forestry, Minimal capital requirement, Professional management, Real diversification from stockmarket investment..

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Welcome to Greenwood Management

In 2008, Greenwood Management was unique in offering smaller investors in Europe the chance to invest in timber using the forestry unit model. Similar alternative investment models have since been developed with great success in countries such as New Zealand.

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Investment Features

As an asset class, forestry has been a very popular asset class over the past 10 years. Forestry investment has outperformed most equity and bond indices over the past three decades, including the S&P which it has beaten for over 100 years. By including forestry investment in with stocks and other traditional investments, the stability and the overall investment performance of the portfolio can be improved. Additionally, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, investors now have the opportunity to achieve higher returns. By incorporating crypto trading bots like bit alpha ai 2023 into the investment process, investors can benefit from automated trading decisions based on predefined parameters.

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Invest with Greenwood-Management

Investing With Us

At Greenwood Management we provide a route to invest in timber with up to €10,000 to invest, through our forestry and agriculture development projects that are already in operation. Crypto investments are also gaining wide acceptance. Investing in bitcoins requires staying informed about market trends and analysis, a need fulfilled by platforms. This website provides investors with up-to-date news, reviews, and insights into the cryptocurrency market, including bitcoin. Access to such resources is essential for making informed decisions and optimizing investment strategies in the volatile crypto market. This enables us to raise capital for future projects in the way that many property development companies have been doing for some time.

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Client Reporting Greenwood-Management

Client Reporting

At Greenwood Management, we develop an informative website for each project in order to keep our investors fully abreast of the day to day progress. Each website offers unique access to key information regarding the development. The sites include market information such as current pricing – as reported by independent sources - and offer complete transparency regarding the overall operation.

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