Client Reporting


At Greenwood-Management, we develop an informative website for each project in order to keep our investors fully abreast of the day to day progress. Each website offers unique access to key information regarding the development. The sites include market information such as current pricing as reported by independent sources - and offer complete transparency regarding the overall operation.



Amongst other information you will have access to:

  • Annual client reports in PDF format
  • Independent analytical reports of the projects from professionals
  • Latest timber / and or forest product prices reported independently by government or industry sources
  • Videos and pictures of the projects.

Annual Client Reports

Client reports are found in the top tabs of each individual project site. All our projects are structured in several phases allowing full control over the direction of the infrastructure and development. The annual report contains information related to the key decisions made over the course of the previous year.

As an example each project is broken down into the following phases

  • Phase 1 Project research and development
  • Phase 2 Project engineering
  • Phase 3 Project implementation
  • Phase 4 Monitoring and review

In addition to all of this information, you will be assigned with a personal account manager, and have access to a 24 -hour assistance line.

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