Investing With Us

At Greenwood Management we provide a route to invest in timber with up to €10,000 to invest, through our forestry and agriculture development projects that are already in operation.

This enables us to raise capital for future projects in the way that many property development companies have been doing for some time.

The structure has two distinct advantages. Firstly, it allows small to medium investors to invest in large agricultural and forestry-based projects that would be otherwise out of reach.

These clients receive medium–term returns from effectively being able to buy trees, invest in eucalyptus, acacia and other agricultural crops grown in the project areas.

Secondly, the structure allows Greenwood Management to achieve its long-term objective of establishing itself as a major player in the regional markets in which it operates.

Prospective clients can find out more about Greenwood Management developments by contacting their local agent, who will be able to answer any questions about the projects. In addition, information is displayed on our various dedicated project websites.

More information about our current projects that are open to investment is available on individual project websites. Visit the main site that will lead you to the opportunities to invest in Brazil and Canada - - and then follow the appropriate links.

Any further questions you may have about Brazilian investments with Greenwood Management will be answered by your dedicated account manager, with whom you will have direct access.

Invest in Brazil

There are currently several investment projects in development across various locations in Brazil.

To enquire about these alternative investment opportunities, please eamil us at:

[email protected] or contact your local Greenwood agent.

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