Invest in Eucalyptus

One of the fastest growing trees that are planted in tree plantations in Brazil, the United States, Asia, Australia and Europe is Eucalyptus.


Eucalyptus has a myriad of uses such as for fuel wood, poles, timber, lumber, biomass, essential oil and are an excellent source of nectar for honeybees.

Eucalyptus trees are gown both by small farmers for profit and subsistence and by large conglomerates for industrial wood supply.  Certain species of eucalyptus yield valuable essential oils, whilst some also provide an excellent source of nectar for honeybees.  An estimated 50 million hectares of eucalyptus have been planted worldwide.


Favorable Characteristics of Greenwood-Management Eucalyptus Timber


Eucalyptus trees have many favorable characteristics including high growth rates, wide adaptability to soils and climate, seed availability and ease of managing due to the coppicing ability of many species.  Importantly for many areas of the world where there is a looming timber supply crisis, eucalyptus can often produce utilisable wood products generally faster than any other species averaging 6 to 10 feet per year.  Eucalyptus can often yield real rates of return of over 15% in more tropical areas of the world.  This is good news for the investor looking to realize returns on investment sooner rather than from other species



The Facts

  • Eucalyptus is the world’s most widely planted hardwood species
  • Eucalyptus is prized globally for excellence in paper and energy production
  • Eucalyptus grows faster than other hardwood species
  • Eucalyptus will grow on upland landscapes, reducing pressure on environmentally sensitive areas
  • Eucalyptus grows commercially with similar inputs to pine
  • Eucalyptus produces feedstock for fiber and energy in short rotations.

A Profitable Investment?

In general, revenues and earnings for any forestry investments are depending on the steady growing of biomass.  Beside the quantity - of course - also the quality is important, for achieving decent returns.  For example there are different prices for timber / lumber on the international markets depending on the quality of the raw material.   Greenwood-Management ensure that their team of staff monitor all of their crops to ensure they are nurtured from growth to achieve the highest standard.

Fast growing eucalyptus trees are ideal for managed plots since its pace of growth is more predictable and stable, in comparison to other wood species like Teak, Oak or Robinie trees.  Furthermore the natural growth pace is far superior in ideal climates and after just a few short years the trees are ready to be harvested and sold.

Why Invest in Greenwood-Management’s Brazil Plantations?


Eucalptus offers several advantages compared to other forest species, including native trees.  Thanks to Brazil’s favourable climate Eucalpytus can be harvested in only seven years for plup making - when it reaches 35 meteres in height.  The prdocutivity is twice that of the planted conifers, as well as most of the country’s native trees, and as such is an important competitive factor for Brazil grown Eucalputus.  Becuase of this high productivity, the amount of land necessary for Eucalputus plantatoins is significantly reduced.




The future of Eucalyptus

The future of Eucalyputs trees looks bright due to growing interest in these fast growing trees for commercial tree plantations worldwide.  Eucalyput is also adaptable to many tropical and sub troptical climates, which makes Eucaplytus an ideal tree choice.  Eucalyputs also has a broad range of uses from lumber to pulp and essential oils.

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